Every web-site seems to have some, rather like all railway layouts must have a bus on a bridge, so here is my selection

Can I collect my order/come for a look around?

Not at the moment. Given the current health crisis I feel that it is sensible to restrict operations to mail order only.

All the questions and answers below are, for the moment, irrelevant!

I had a terrible time finding you. How do you expect people to find you out here?

Simple, follow these instructions, not your Sat-Nav.

I called in yesterday morning but you weren’t open.

Please check our somewhat idiosyncratic opening hours here. Any deviations for holidays, illness and such like will normally be shown as a message on the website.

Do you have any aircraft kits?

No, we are a model railway shop. We have paints, glues and tools that may be of use to you but no aircraft kits.

Do you take credit/debit cards?

Yes, provided the technology is working. We are out on a limb of the information super-highway so sometimes the broadband goes down and we go all ‘heritage’ and fall back on cash and scribbled notes. Most of the time however we are happy to take card payments – especially if it encourages you to spend more!

Can I use your toilet please?

If you are desperate enough to ask then the answer is yes. Don’t flush the toilet roll down the pan and wash your hands when you have finished.