Dapol 2D-004-002 Class 56 Diesel – 56 001 Railfreight Triple Grey (Construction Sector) (N gauge)


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N gauge ready-to-run model.

The British Rail Class 56 is a type of Co-Co locomotive designed for heavy freight work and was introduced between 1976 and 1983. In all, 135 Class 56’s were built, the first 30 by Electroputers in Romania, but due to poor quality of construction the remainder were built by BREL at theirDoncaster and Crewe works. The Class 56 was considered to be a successful locomotive and had a long service life, however performance and maintenance costs savings made from the deployment of the new imported Class 66 resulted in most of the fleet of Class 56’s being decommissioned or sold on by 2006. 7 Class 56’s are currently preserved including Frank Hornby at Barrow Hill.

The Dapol Class 56  feature:

  • Detailed body with etched grills and separately fitted handrails
  • Finely detailed cast wheels
  • 5 pole Super creep motor with huge pulling power and incredible slow running speed.
  • All wheel drive and pick up
  • Directional Lights
  • DCC Ready with provision for a  6pin decoder
  • Supplied with both magnetic and  standard with standard knuckle couplers