Dapol B800 Motorised Track Cleaner (OO gauge)


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model needs to be hauled by a locomotive, as ‘motorised’ merely
reflects the motor driving the cleaning heads and not the movement of
the model.

Replacement heads, pads and consumables are available.

only use a ‘plastic compatible’ cleaner for filling the fluid reservior
in the track cleaner. Dapol can not be held responsible for damage
caused by other cleaning fluid and only recommend Dapol track cleaning
fluid (Dapol Track Cleaning Fluid is not included with the model).

The model is DCC ready with an 8 pin DCC
socket onboard for independent control of the motor whilst the unit is
being hauled by an engine.


  • Motorised revolving sprung abrasive head for rail surface dirt.
  • Motorised revolving sprung buffing head for polishing the rail!
  • Rail head foam attachment for cleaning fluid from on-board tank.
  • Vacuum cleaner function for dust and dirt removal.

NEM coupling pockets with tension lock coupler fitted.

2 spare abrasive heads, 2 spare polishing
heads and a track brush are included.




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