Kadee 746 Type E Long Centreset Shank Metal Coupler (2pr)

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New Generation
AAR Type “E” Couplers, “Prototype” Head
Long Centerset Shank Metal Coupler with Plastic #817 Draft Gear Box

Pack includes parts for FOUR couplers and FOUR draft gear boxes.



How do they work?

Coupling: Just push the wagons together and they will couple.



1. Stop with the couplers over an uncoupler and back up slightly with the couplers still over the uncoupler, allowing slack to occur between couplers.
2. Pull forward bringing coupler off the uncoupler. Couplers will snap to the delayed position.
3. Back up, pushing the car(s) to the desired location. Do not permit slack to develop between couplers.
4. Pull forward, leaving the car(s) where desired. Couplers will automatically return to normal coupling position.

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